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A Little About Us.

Have a read! We think you'll like what we are up to.

We are a technology company who are obsessive compulsive about the Vancouver real estate market. We aim to provide a better buying and selling experience by providing unbiased up-to-date statistical analysis, local neighbourhood data, current and relevant information, and hand vetted Agents to work with so that you can make smart decisions with your money.
We represent a fresh new look on Vancouver real estate and you’re going to love us!.

We sure can. We can help you to buy a home or sell your existing home! Over 92% of buyers search for their next property online, and more than likely have ended up on our site due to it’s high volume search and massive amounts of real estate information. With a captive audience looking for their next home we are able to showcase homes like yours and offer unprecedented international exposure to buyers who are looking at moving or investing in Vancouver Real Estate. Our VRE neighbourhood experts will guide you through the process and will list your property based on hard facts and current market conditions to ensure that no money is left on the table.

Realtors® spend an astonishing 62% of their time looking for their next client! Put another way, most agents are worried about where their next paycheque is coming from instead of focusing on you - the client they have! Our lead generating platform removes the time consuming task of marketing so that VRE Realtors® can focus 100% on achieving an exceptional customer experience. With more time, our Realtors® can provide better service, provide more accurate information and keep up with market stats and trends. All of this gives YOU the competitive advantage when buying or selling your home.

We help by providing you with a selection of top notched Agents that not only understand YOUR market but also have actual experience in it. Our vetted Agents have the time for your concerns and possess the skills and knowledge that will get your home sold.
The coup de grace though is the massive amounts of additional MARKET EXPOSURE your home will receive by being featured on VRE. And if we recall anything from our Economics classes it’s – increased demand equates to higher prices. And we think you’ll like that! Your home needs exposure and we provide it - in spades!

Just like all doctors are not all the same, the same can be said about Realtors®. For this reason, we have streamlined the process of choosing a Realtor® by personally vetting Agents. The result is a team of top notch high producing Realtors that care about the process. These Agents have been chosen for their high level of professionalism, ethics, open communication, attention to detail and extensive knowledge and experience in neighbourhoods just like yours. We are broker agnostic.

We provide unparalleled data which allows for more educated decisions. We work with hand chosen Agents who specialize in the local area market - not agents that drive all over Greater Vancouver to make a sale. Being hyper focused in specific neighbourhoods ensures that all your concerns can be addressed before submitting an offer and that your offer is sound. For sellers you can sleep easy knowing that you will receive top dollar for your home. Our advanced technology provides leads to our Realtors® so that they can spend less time marketing and more time working on YOUR SUCCESS.

Good stuff! Make sure your _________ has local area knowledge and experience in the neighbourhood you wish to invest your hard earned money in. Typically, by choosing a go-getter super awesome Realtor® that focuses on results you’ll be much further ahead than getting a small savings in fees, but hey, what do we know?? Also ensure that your _________ can write a bullet-proof contract that will protect your A$$ – otherwise the Holidays will be pretty awkward for you both. Good luck!

We have chosen to work with full service Realtors® because we feel that this produces the best results for YOU. Vancouver is a hyper-competitive real estate market and the most successful Agents reinvest their time and money into improving their skills and knowledge base. By providing leads to our hand chosen Agents we afford them more time to become even more awesome. No one makes $$ until your success is realized that's why we focus so much on providing the best person for the job and not providing a lead to an agent based on advertising fees.

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