Dunbar Real Estate

    Featuring a combination of residential and commercial properties, the neighbourhood of Dunbar is mostly home to single family dwellings, sprawling multi-million-dollar mansions and horse farms as you get closer to Southlands. There are also lots of heritage homes, with 21 registered with the City of Vancouver. There has been increased demand for denser properties in the area and as a result, there are some mixed use condominiums being built, with retail on street level, and some residential suites above.
    Dunbar is home to several golf courses, both private and public, including the sprawling McCleery Golf Course. As well, there are eight parks in the neighbourhood. Most of the streets in Dunbar are lined with gardens and mature trees, with hundreds of cherry blossom trees that bloom in early spring.
    Dunbar borders the the Pacific Spirit Park on the West which offers a good variety of trails. For pet lovers, there are three off-leash dog areas in the community.
    The Dunbar area has both private and public schools, such as Crofton House and St. Georges. And it’s just east of the University of British Columbia endowment lands.