Learning English Immigration Services

Whether working towards permanent residency, or visiting on holiday, having a working knowledge of the local language allows one to fully immerse themself into the culture by being able to converse with the people around you.

Immigrants and foreign speaking visitors to Vancouver will experience so much more being able to speak English. Sure, there are many languages spoken in Vancouver but an understanding of English is the language that will take you further.  Many people that come to Vancouver and that don't English often find themselves seeking out others in the same situation and as a result you become sheltered and eventually begin to miss out on a world of opportunities due to language barriers. Language barriers that for the most part you have enforced.

There are a slew of excuses as to why you haven't found the time to learn. Perhaps the English class didn't offer suitable times, or you didn't know what to do with your children, or other engagements keep getting in the way, or you may feel the cost is prohibitively expensive.

Whatever the reasons, Mosaic Immigration Services is a valuable resource for learning the English language, as well as learning about Canadian culture, affordably and conveniently, for both the Permanent Resident and Visa Holder.

Permanent Residents:

Permanent Residents can access Mosaic's Language Instruction for Newcomers to Canada (LINC) classes for free. Classes are held on weekdays in the morning, afternoon, and evening. Like most language school, students are divided into levels of fluency, and in this case there are 8 levels of proficiency.  Classroom material targets needs from simple conversational skills to Canadian culture to workplace interaction.

For students with children, Mosaic offers free childcare, although there may be wait lists in some locations. Schedules and contact information are available on the Mosaic website.

Work and Travel Visa Holders:

Although LINC classes are only available to Permanent Residents of Canada, Mosaic Engage Language Instruction (MELI) classes are available to holders of Visitor visas, Work visas, and Student visas, as well as Citizens and Permanent Residents on wait lists for LINC classes.

MELI classes are offered in mornings on Commercial Drive, or evenings in Burnaby- Brentwood or Surrey-Newton. Costs range from $128 - $475 depending on location.

Find out more on about Mosaic Engage on their website.

Learning a language is all about putting yourself out there. Take every interaction as a learning opportunity and don't be afraid of making mistakes. In all my travels and living abroad never have I been laughed at when making an effort to speak another language. Locals appreciate the effort and best of all these interactions are free.

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